All in the Family

At Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s wedding in 1905, President Theodore (“Teddy”) Roosevelt gave away the bride.

Kissing Cousins

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were married in 1905. Eleanor and Franklin were actually fifth cousins, once removed, both being descendants of Claes Martenszen van Rosenvelt who arrived in New Amsterdam (now Manhattan) from Holland in the 1640s. But do you know who gave away the bride at their wedding?

All Thumbs? Not a Chance

In 1968, Snoopy, the Peanuts character, trained to become a champion arm-wrestler, but unfortunately he was disqualified because he didn’t have any thumbs.

Hang On Snoopy!

Early in Snoopy’s career, the beloved Peanuts character trained to become a champion arm-wrestler. How did his career go?

Monstra Mihi Pecuniam

The Institute for the Works of Religion is the name of the Vatican Bank and it is the world’s only bank that allows the use of Latin to perform transactions at automated teller machines.

Flying Without Wyngz . . .

“Wyngz” is the term permitted by the USDA’s Food and Safety Inspection Service to indicate a food product that is in ‘the shape of a wing or a bite-sized appetizer type product’ but contains no wing meat. To use the term the food must actually be white meat chicken (with or without skin) and a there must also be a conspicuous, prominent and legible description (for example ‘contains no wing meat’) wherever the term appears, with an asterisk (*) to link to the description.

Winging It . .

What does the term “wyngz” mean and what is it used for?