Not the Planet, the Candy !

Frank C. Mars was born in Pope, Minnesota in 1883 and was unable to walk to school having contracted polio as a young boy. Schooled at home, his mother Elva taught him how to hand-dip chocolate. . . and so the global company known as Mars, Inc. began. What does M&M, a treat that originated in 1941 and which is one of the company’s multi-billion dollar brands, stand for?

Y B Facetious. Abstain!

I thought of three words that have all the vowels in alphabetical order: Facetious, abstemious and arsenious!
Oh, and about that word with all five vowels in reverse order: subcontinental

Y, Not !

Name any two words in the English language that have all the vowels (don’t consider ‘y’ a vowel for this purpose) in correct alphabetical order. For extra credit, name the only officially recognized English word that has all five of those vowels in reverse alphabetical order.

Norman Douglas

“If you want to see what children can do, you must stop giving them things.”

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Johnny Cash’s hit song “A Boy Named Sue” was actually written by Shel Silverstein, beloved author of children’s books. The song was first recorded by Johnny Cash on February 24, 1969, with Carl Perkins playing guitar, at a live concert at San Quentin State Prison in California.

Global Social Media Handbook

I am proud to be among the 22 legal professionals, including 7 of my colleagues at Rimon, who contributed and co-authored a new book entitled Handbook on Global Social Media Law for Business Lawyers, published by ABA Publishing. This comprehensive work, sponsored by the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association, was co-edited by Valerie Surgenor, a partner in the Glasgow, Scotland, law firm MacRoberts LLP and John Isaza, my friend and partner here at Rimon, P.C.   Although principally focused on the United States, there are contributions from foreign lawyers in key regions around the world, including Canada, the European Union, Australia, Russia and Asia.

The Handbook deals with national and international law principles and emerging issues related to social media law, ethics, compliance and governance, including cybersecurity, cyber terrorism and risk management in a social media environment (e.g., hacking, corporate espionage, data loss and data breach); intellectual property issues in social media;  defamation, “fake news” and social media;  implementation of a social media crisis plan; use of social media as a tool in recruitment of employees and the privacy implications to employers;  promotional, endorsement and social media disclosure guidelines promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission in the US; and recent trends in UK and European social media legislation and regulation.  There is a separate chapter that discusses information and records management within the context of social media.

If you are interested, you can order a copy directly from the ABA (Handbook on Global Social Media Law for Business Lawyers) and of course, if you need more information or want to discuss your particular requirements with knowledgeable and experienced professionals, feel free to reach out to me, Joe Rosenbaum, or to any of the lawyers at Rimon with whom you work with regularly.


Michael Jordan

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”