Thank You!

I want to thank our loyal readers who use ever-increasingly sophisticated search technology to find answers to Useless But Compelling Facts. If you are a winner, you will get a prize—I promise! To those who actually read the articles and send us work—thank you. I promise you high-quality, responsive, knowledgeable legal support—when and where you need it.

To clients, colleagues, prospects, friends—all who have enriched my life and helped me continue to learn—thank you for a challenging and interesting 2008. May the new year bring us health, success, new challenges and more fun. A 2009, filled with wonder and excitement. Let us have the patience to deal with what we cannot change, and let’s resist the temptation to think there is little we can change. Let us know tolerance to accept others who may be different, and wisdom to learn from them—there is both beauty and strength in diversity. Thank you.