Don’t Be Green With Envy – Be Green with a Limerick

Valuable insight in an insightful land.

Political leadership throughout the world is changing, nowhere more so than in the United States. With that will come major changes in regulation, at the local and federal levels or through voluntary compliance with industry standards. Member states in the EU find themselves struggling to respond to local concerns while maximizing their combined market strength. Globalized media and interactive technology are providing consumers worldwide with greater control and choice in what they experience. Local markets are now boundary-less – confounding attempts at local regulation. What are today’s rules? How should advertisers and their counsel respond to the merged but dissonant marketplace and how can they balance competing attempts at regulation in the United States and Europe?

If you are a lawyer looking for high quality CLE or an advertiser hoping to get a glimpse (or make sense) of the law – or if you just want to hear where rhyming is an art and a science, then come join some of the most experienced corporate counsel and outside practitioners in Limerick, Ireland for Advertising Law in the United States and Europe — The Challenges Ahead sponsored by the Franklin Pierce Law Center and the University of Limerick. The course, being held at the end of July on the campus of the University of Limerick, a short distance from Shannon, Ireland will be as exciting and vibrant as the countryside.

Faculty is comprised of professors, practitioners and government leaders from both sides of the Atlantic, including Douglas Wood of Rimon LLP.