Useless But Compelling Facts – November 2009

Now this month, we highlight another famous individual, very much alive and extraordinarily talented – but not in the political arena; rather, in music and the arts. In addition to being widely regarded as a legendary actor and director – he’s directed about 16 motion pictures in the past two decades (more, by the way, than Steven Spielberg and George Lucas) – this gentleman has played at Carnegie Hall, has recorded pop songs on an album (remember them?), and has achieved greater success in music circles by composing and scoring some of his own films. He has even been awarded the French Legion d’Honneur award. This gentleman – as a human being and professional – started from modest beginnings. His Hollywood career pretty much began when he was hired by Universal Studios for about $75 a week. He dug pools to subsidize an aspiring actor’s income, and he was fired by the studio because they decided his Adam’s apple was too large! Think you know who this extraordinary man might be? If so, send your answer first and fast directly to me at