Useless But Compelling Facts – October 2009 Answer

Last month we asked you to identify the only President or Vice President to have been arrested for treason (although ultimately acquitted). Shari Gottesman, long-time reader, fan and avid trivia buff, again chimed in first and fastest with the correct answer. None other than Aaron Burr, former Vice President of the United States, although probably best known for the duel July 11, 1804, which resulted in fatally wounding Alexander Hamilton. When Burr’s term as Vice President ended in 1805, he went West, where far-fetched rumors abounded concerning his desire to establish a monarchy by claiming seceded territory from the United States. Burr was arrested in 1807 and brought to trial on charges of treason, for which he was acquitted. He then began a number of years of self-imposed exile in Europe, but eventually returned to New York to practice law, essentially a recluse until his death.