Advertising Across the Pond – In Case You Missed It

In case you missed Rimon’s Columbus Day seminar, presented by Rimon partner Marina Palomba, you can read and download a copy of the presentation right here: “A Global View on Advertising Law from the Other Side of the Pond.” The presentation covered four main areas: green claims, on-line behavioural and location-based advertising, the extension of self regulation of advertising to promotional messages on the Internet, and ambush marketing and the 2012 Olympics. Need to know more? Want to appreciate how regulation and the legal framework apply to any or all of these areas in your business? Feel free to contact Marina Palomba directly or the Rimon lawyer with whom you regularly work.

Mid-Term Elections 2010 – Internet Privacy Implications

Rimon attorneys Judith (“Judy”) Harris and Amy Mushahwar were recently interviewed by The Washington Post about the 2010 mid-term election results and how the results might affect the legislative agenda and policy-making in Congress with respect to Internet privacy. Judy and Amy also explain what to expect over the next few years in terms of internet privacy trends and legislation.

FTC Revised Green Guides – It Isn’t Easy SAYING You Are Green

It’s no longer simply a matter of saying it isn’t easy BEING green, as Kermit the Frog has done for decades; now it isn’t easy SAYING you are "green" – the latest buzzword denoting environmentally friendly advertising: Green Marketing. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is in the process of revising its Green Marketing Guidelines and has published proposed rules for public comment. 

John P. Feldman in our Washington, D.C., office, has experience and a strong and insightful understanding of the Green Guidelines, and he has prepared an analysis of where we are and where the FTC thinks we should be going – subject to an opportunity for you to file comments. 

So here is the bottom line. John’s analysis, The FTC’s Green Guidelines, is now available for your review. You can download your own copy through the link as well. In addition, the comment period is soon closing, so if you are concerned about anything in the proposed revised Green Guidelines, now would be a good time to wake up and smell the recyclable coffee and get your comments to the FTC. Not sure what the guidelines mean to you? Not sure how best to comment? Well that’s where John’s skill and experience come in – feel free to contact John P. Feldman ( directly and he will be glad to help assess your needs and prepare comments for filing should you wish to do so. 

Even if you opt not to participate in the public regulatory dialogue, if you advertise, market or even think about touting how environmentally friendly you, your products or your services are – better call John! Of course, if you are already a client of Rimon, feel free to contact me, Joseph I. ("Joe") Rosenbaum (, or the Rimon attorney with whom you regularly work, and we’ll make sure you get to John and get the assistance you need.