In My Humble Opinion – IMHO or I.M.H.O. or even IMO

Happy New Year! We are inaugurating a new feature of Legal Bytes—a category of blog postings entitled “In My Humble Opinion,” or IMHO for short. The first such posting will be up momentarily, but here’s what to expect.

Every once in a while a legal issue or something trending in the legal world catches our fancy. Perhaps it’s not an event or a decision or an article, but just a growing sense something is happening.

In our endeavor to not just report on news or noteworthy occurrences, and in our attempt to enlighten as well as inform—these pieces are intended to stimulate your thinking and share some of mine. I might produce two in a week or none for a month—I don’t know. It’s part of my own evolution as editor, publisher and chief bottle washer for Legal Bytes—but it’s worth a try.

As always, even though we don’t provide for interactive dialog or chat on this blog, I do read every piece of email (can you actually have a piece of email, or do I digest every electron?), and I do value your comments and feedback.

Buckle up folks. Another ride is coming your way. Let me know what you think of IMHO as it unfolds. Thanks for reading.