You’ve Got to Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em

Since 1996, Legal Bytes has regularly published bits and bytes at the intersection of law, technology and virtually every subject and industry one can imagine. Our publication has flourished, thanks in large measure to the wonderful support I have been given by colleagues and professionals who contribute everything from technical skills, proofreading, graphic design and, of course, keeping me honest.

Just as important, you – my faithful and loyal readers – have enriched my life beyond measure. Some of you have sent in gifts – automobiles, furnished apartments, a house in Laguna Niguel, a Gulfstream IV, a small villa near Lake Como, a few Armani suits – nothing that has changed my life or been particularly monumental, but these tokens of appreciation have meant a lot to me. Special thanks to Justin Case for that fabulous two-week vacation in the Galapagos.

As you probably can guess, the material rewards for blogging pale in comparison to the intellectual stimulation, the friendships and connections I’ve made with such great people (except for you Austin Tacious). So thank you.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is the last blog post for Legal Bytes. We’ve decided to go out on a winning streak, and the awards we’ve accumulated along the way speak for themselves. “Best Blog of 2009 With the Word ‘Bytes’ in Green Letters,” “Most Printed for Spare Pet Paper Liners in 2010,” and who can forget 1999 when we won the “Party Like It’s 1999 Award” from HRH Prince, who was formerly known as something but then changed his name back to Prince.

So thank you all again for being loyal readers. The end is not near, it’s here.

FIRST, download this Legal Bytes Memorial Issue [PDF] as a keepsake.

SECOND, Here is the missing link. Although I’m not sure why I always seem to find things in the last place I look, I have found the last link for you to follow.

The End