Old Ethics and New Media: Reconciling Legal Ethics with New Technology

Colleagues and clients: Join us tomorrow, Friday, September 21 at Noon EDT (9 a.m. PDT; 11 a.m. CDT) for our timely seminar “When Worlds Collide: Old Ethics and New Media” discussing the ethical issues and implications arising from social media, cloud computing, mobile and wireless technology, and the latest in legal thinking, bar association rules and judicial rulings, among other things. Think you know the rules about metadata, discovery on social networks, litigation holds in cyberspace, and much more? Not sure? Join us for this one-hour session focusing on lawyers, law firms and the legal and regulatory processes that are being turned upside down by technology. Join us as the worlds of ethics and technology collide. Registration is open to all and, for licensed attorneys, attendance will provide 1.0 hour of Ethics CLE/CPD credit for UK, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, and experienced New York lawyers, and we can file applications in Delaware, Virginia and elsewhere as needed. Clients can register by contacting Joe Maguire at jmaguire@rimonlaw.com or +1 202 414 9484.