About Legal Bytes

Editor-in-Chief, Joseph I. Rosenbaum

Legal Bytes is a blog, edited, maintained and published by Joseph I. (“Joe”) Rosenbaum, a New York based partner in the innovative, global law firm Rimon, P.C.   Joe is a member of the firm’s Advertising, Media, Sports & Entertainment law practice, with a strong international, corporate-commercial, financial services and travel related services background as well.   Prior to going into private practice, Joe was in-house lawyer for American Express for 17 years, including 4 years in Toronto as Vice President & General Counsel of Amex Canada.

Legal Bytes started in 1996 as a one page newsletter that Joe dutifully took to the post-office and snail-mailed to subscribers once a month. Transformed into a digital blog in 2009, Legal Bytes has developed a loyal following including thousands of visitors, email and RSS feed subscribers and is only available through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Joe is also the Editor of the U.S. Media, Marketing, Sports & Entertainment Newsletter of the International Law Office, based in London, England, who assists in making Legal Bytes posts available to ILO subscribers and affiliates worldwide.

As innovation continues to pose challenges and opportunities, Legal Bytes has helped readers for over two decades keep on top of laws, regulations and court decisions and understand their implications, local and global.  With an entertaining style and format, Legal Bytes continues to bring readers important developments at the intersection of law and technology, serving clients in virtually every industry sector in a mobile and digital borderless world. Designed to enlighten and inform, in an easy to follow narrative manner, Legal Bytes targets legal and regulatory matters that arise from the application of digital and mobile technology to industry, commerce and business activities.

What happened? Why does it matter? What should you do?  These are typical of the questions Legal Bytes answers, in a clear, crisp, illuminating and hopefully entertaining manner.  Thank you for your loyal and valued readership.