Homewrecker from Outer Space

Although the chance of a meteorite striking a house is small, of the three that have occurred in the US last century, two of the houses that were hit are in the town of Wethersfield, Connecticut. That town is only 13.1 square miles in size. The homes were struck 11 years apart, in 1971 and 1982. There were no injuries in either of those instances, but on November 30, 1954, a meteor appeared in the Alabama sky and exploded in the atmosphere just before 3:00 p.m. A chunk went through the home of Mr. & Mrs. Hodges, smashing a hole in the roof and striking Elizabeth Ann Hodges in the hip. Although there were reported close calls and some reported incidents of animals being struck prior to that incident, until then there had been no authenticated cases of a person actually being struck by a meteorite.