Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina

On May 17, 1957, five years after Eva Peron’s death from cervical cancer in Buenos Aires, Maria Maggi’s body arrived in Milan, Italy, escorted by a nun. Reportedly, the coffin was believed to contain the body of an Italian woman who had died in Argentina. That woman was buried under the name “Maria Maggi” in Lot 86, Garden 41, in Milan’s Monumentale Cemetery.

In 1971 a man named Carlos Maggi submitted papers for the exhumation of Maria Maggi’s remains in Milan. Underneath the damaged plain wooden coffin was a coffin of silver, with a glass window revealing a preserved Eva Perón. “Carlos Maggi” escorted his “sister’s” remains to a house in Madrid owned by Juan Perón and the coffin was then sent to Buenos Aires where Eva was finally laid to rest in the family tomb in La Recoleta Cemetery.