Happy Birthdays

Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were both born on the same day, Feb. 12, 1809. Lincoln was born in a log cabin just south of Hodgenville, Kentucky, while Darwin was born in an upper-middle-class home in Shrewsbury, England.

Darwin & Lincoln

Of the many significant coincidences of the 1800s, Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, born oceans apart, have something in common. Can you guess what?

The Fox Hounds!

The following sentence contains every letter of the English alphabet: “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.”

Not Every Tom, Dick and Harry

In the movie “The Great Escape,” the three tunnels were called Tom, Dick and Harry – Harry was the actual escape tunnel.

The Great Escape

In the movie “The Great Escape,” what were the names of the three tunnels?

49th and 50th

In case you forgot about them, Alaska is actually the farthest north, east, and west. Hawaii is the farthest south!

The Farthest States

Of all the States in the United States of America, name the ones that are the farthest East, farthest West, farthest North and farthest South.


In Greek mythology the first woman on Earth was Pandora!