Online Endorsements, Testimonials and Reviews Fake? Really?

Online ratings got you perplexed? Seems like someone forgot to put “user ratings” on the list of reality shows. Well maybe, just maybe, those user ratings aren’t really “user” or “ratings” at all. What should you consider?

Well, on October 23, 2009, Joe Rosenbaum was interviewed by Sally Herships for Marketplace Money, a regular feature of Public Radio. If you missed it on the air, you can now listen to the audio, read a transcript of the interview, download an MP3, or subscribe to the podcast, by checking out the interview at: “Don’t let online reviews fake you out.”

Legal implications abound—for website operators and ratings’ services that enable users to post reviews and content, as well as for anyone posting fake reviews or failing to disclose a material connection to the advertiser, its brands or products. So go listen and then come back if and when you need legal support. Contact Joe Rosenbaum, or the Rimon attorney with whom you regularly work.