Reading Legal Bytes Archives is Like a Box of Chocolates

If you think of Legal Bytes only as a “blog,” you are missing at least half the value. While we always try to bring you timely and enlightening insights at the intersection of advertising, technology, and media, and we will continue to do so, there is so much more. There is a treasure trove of searchable material available in our archives.

Joseph I. (“Joe”) Rosenbaum has been publishing Legal Bytes since 1996, but we’ve only been able to archive and post in digital form the more recent Rimon issues, free for you to search and explore. By category, metatag or date, all the way back to January 2004, you can search for articles and materials of interest. Of course, if you are stuck and can’t find what you are looking for, or if you wonder if we’ve ever done an article about “X,” just send an e-mail to yours truly, the Editor-in-Chief, Publisher and Chief Bottle Washer, Joseph I. Rosenbaum, and ask. If we have, I’ll find it for you. If we haven’t, maybe we’ll write one!

Legal Bytes Archives: Have You Been Back to the Future Lately?

In case you haven’t checked in with Legal Bytes lately, you might want to know that we have been busy posting many of the articles that have appeared in our back issues—prior to our conversion to a blog format. Actually, thanks go to outstanding marketing support from Rebecca Blaw, who has done much of the archive posting over the past few months, along with the trusty support of Erin Evans.

Check it out. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might just get what you need!